sweet stand for kids parties

There’s loads of things out there to help you make a kids party fun, but very few of them have the same impact as a huge 6ft sweet stand, just like they’d find in the shops, but all for them, with as many sweets as they’d like!

The sweet stand is available to hire, either with or without sweets. You just pick the date you want the stand, and we’ll arrive around an hour before your party is due to start, to setup and fill the stand full of your kids favourite sweets!

If you’d prefer, we can also use sugar free sweets, so things don’t get too hectic after everyone’s got their share! On top of this, we also have vegetarian and halal sweets, to ensure we cater for everyone – just ask!

Any questions? Get in touch with our friendly team using the link below, and we’ll be glad to talk through options, prices and more!


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