Pick ‘n’ Mix sweetstand for Business & Corporate events

One of the most difficult tasks for any business in the modern economy, is keeping employees motivated. What many businesses don’t realise, is that there’s some great, low cost gestures they can make, that truly make employees feel valued.

Hiring our fully stocked Sweet Stand is a great way to encourage loyalty, motivation and engagement, without a huge price tag! Many of our clients book the sweet stand once a month as a treat for their employees, and has become something to look forward to! Placing the sweet stand in a communal break room means everyone gets chance throughout their shift, to grab some sweet treats!

Not only that, but the stand can be customised with your brand and a message to employees for a small one-time fee. That means if you choose to book regularly, staff will associate the fun of a traditional pick’n’mix, with a caring business that values its staff. Best of all, we offer some enticing discounts for regular customers!

On the day of your booking, our team will arrive, setup the stand in the location of your choice, then fill the stand with your choice of sweets (which can even be twinned with your corporate colours), and stay with the stand to assist with scoops, bags and any questions.

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WPM branded Sweetstand

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